How to log onto a domain computer that does not let you log on using CTL-ALT_DEL

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Some computers are locked down to the point where only a non-admin can log in using CTL-ALT-DEL.

To overcome this, and to gain access to any Command Line commands, do the following:


  • Remote to the computer or log in locally.
    • Select Ctrl-Alt-Delete
    • Select ‘Start Task Manager’
    • Log on with a Domain Admin account
    • Select the ‘Run as Administrator’ checkbox
    • Select: File -> NewTask (Run)
    Enter command line commands, or Control Panel commands.  Some Control Panel commands are listed below.
    • appwiz.cp
    • desk.cpl
    • inetcpl.cpl
    • sysdm.cpl
  • ncpa.cpl
  • etc…    Do a search on the internet for more Control Panel   .cpl commands!

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