watch out for Remote Tech Support SCAMMERS

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I liked this post on the most commonly used passwords

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I found this article, of all places, on the Popular Mechanics website.  Hey, we must all adapt to the times, correct? Check it out.  

fun tidbit. Go to the following page to randomize your YouTube playlist with NO ads.

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If you like to listen to You Tube Playlists, (especially why you work like me), and you want to be able to sort the music Randomly and listen to No Advertisements, then check this out: It is as simple as possible to use as they could make it. We all need a little simplicity these […]

How to Send Secure Encrypted Email for Free

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How to log onto a domain computer that does not let you log on using CTL-ALT_DEL

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Some computers are locked down to the point where only a non-admin can log in using CTL-ALT-DEL. To overcome this, and to gain access to any Command Line commands, do the following:   Remote to the computer or log in locally. • Select Ctrl-Alt-Delete • Select ‘Start Task Manager’ • Log on with a Domain Admin […]